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If the walls of the cities could talk, they would tell us many stories... well, this is what happens in Belfast, where thousands of tourists come to visit the murals scattered around the city to learn about the history and culture of Belfast and Northern Ireland.
The aim of this webpage is to become a geographical reference of the murals in Belfast. This is work in progress, we hope to add more murals, improve some of the pictures and add some information about the murals.... whenever we can find the time to do it!
Note: The positions of the murals in this page are fixed, regardless of the type of map selected (map, satellite, hybrid). A more precise, but slower, version of this page is available here, which shifts the positions of the murals slightly, adjusting them to the type of map.
Loyalist/Unionist Murals
Republican/Nationalist Murals
Social/Cultural Murals

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